About Ordering Animal Portraits

How I work

     I work from photos. Following a few simple guidelines will make my job easier. Always take pictures at the animal's eye level, with your light source behind you. The background is not important, but

you will want to make sure your animal doesn't blend into the background (black dog on a dark couch makes it difficult to see the animal's outline). It's nice to have a couple of photos to work from. You might choose

one photo that has a pose you like and another photo that shows your animal's colors/fur/hair best. I understand this is not always possible and have made many clients happy using one tiny, bent up, poor photo!

If all you have is a poor photo, I will rely on you more for feedback (Is that part of his tail, or is it something on the couch?).

     Don't feel confident in your photographic skills? I can take photos if you are in my area. Contact me for more info.

To Get Started

     Send me your photos in an e-mail or by snail mail (USPS). Include you choices for size, pose (whole body or close-up), background choice (solid color? scenery? same as photo?), your contact info (e-mail, phone,

street address) and a 50% deposit (I accept PayPal, credit cards, and checks). Feel free to include any info about the animal you think might help me capture his/her personality.


     After your portrait is well under way, I will send you a photo (usually via e-mail unless you prefer a hard copy). At this time, you may request changes ("his whiskers are actually grey, not white" or "her tail is a

bit shorter," etc.). I will send another progress photo after I have made changes. Once you have OK'd the painting, we will make delivery/shipping and final payment arrangements. If you are in California, sales tax

will be added. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

     I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Just e-mail or call!   ArtworkByLindaMiller@gmail.com   or   (916) 359-4758

A Few Sizes and Prices

     5"x 5"          $120  (best for head/shoulders only)

     5"x 7"           175

     8"x 10"         300

     9"x 12"         400

    12"x 16"        675

    16"x 20"      1,100

    18"x 24"      1,500

     There are many more sizes and shapes to choose from. If you don't see one you like, just ask what else is available. I work mainly on wrap-around canvas, which means the canvas has a depth

of from 3/4" to 3" with neat, painted edges (no staples showing). The advantage of a wrap-around canvas is you don't need to frame the piece. If you plan to frame your portrait, let me know and I

will use a narrow depth canvas or archival panel.

     There may be additional charges for additional animals and complex backgrounds. No extra charge for arms, hands, legs, or feet because I LOVE painting you holding your animal! (See the portrait

on my home page).

ArtworkByLindaMiller@gmail.com       (916) 359-4758      Carmichael, California

I accept PayPal, credit cards, and checks

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